Trent & Co Partners with Final Offer to Bring Transparent Offer Process to Our Clients

Trent & Co at Compass Real Estate is excited to announce our partnership with Final Offer, an online real estate platform that empowers top real estate agents to facilitate a more transparent offer and negotiation experience to their clients. The platform went live in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region today with more than 50 residential real estate listings, all of which will be sold exclusively through 

Backed by our team and other top producing real estate agents, the platform provides listing agents and their sellers with the opportunity to achieve true market value by providing a transparent, competitive platform that drives urgency from the buying community. We currently have 26 listings on the site, with more to come soon. 

For us, real estate is all about working hard to get the best outcome for our clients. We believe that Final Offer will be one tool in our toolbox to ensure the greatest results. 

We are confident that partnering with Final Offer will give our clients the more fair, transparent process that the industry needs. Benefits include:  

  • Sellers can publicly state the price, terms and timing they are committing to accept. This allows sellers to maximize the value of their home, while giving buyers the clarity and confidence they need to make an offer they know will be accepted. 
  • All interested parties are notified in real-time when offers are made, providing the opportunity to all potential buyers to act quickly. 
  • All offers are visible in the listing’s offer history window, allowing buyers and their agents to view the details of what they need to do in order to make a better offer. 
  • Buyers and their agents can make offers online in seconds. 

Transparency builds trust. And, trust is an essential part of any business transaction, especially real estate transactions.The transparent process created by Final Offer will be free of charge for our clients, as well as buyers and their agents interested in one of our properties.